Tech-Clarity TV – Optimizing Product Cost with PCM


In this episode of Tech-Clarity TV, Jim Brown shares Tech-Clarity’s views on how manufacturers can analyze and optimize costs for manufactured goods during the design phase. It also shares the value of using a knowledge-based cost to negotiate and make process improvements with suppliers.

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For more information on PCM from our sponsor please visit Siemens PLM’s Teamcenter Product Cost Management page.

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  1. Wanted to know are there cost models for various categories such as Fabricated Material & sheet metal, Casting, Aluminum, forged material. Along with that, are there labor rates and machines hour rates from the cycle times for various operations performed on the different categories, such as drilling, Milling, etc..

    • Hello Rohit,
      Yes, PCM solutions typically have cost models that cover a variety of items and production types. They have different rates for equipment, operations, and materials on a global basis that you can apply to a cost analysis.

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