5 Ways Agile Improves New Product Development – Part 1 (guest post)


Can agile product development work beyond software? Agile has provided significant benefits to software development teams. Can those benefits be realized for other engineering disciplines too?  In a guest post on the Siemens Solid Edge Blog, Michelle Boucher delves into these questions and the reasons you may want to consider using it to your  product development process.
Agile Product Development

The introductory blog post of this two part series, defines the “waterfall” and “agile” methodologies.  The post them reveals two of the five reasons to consider an agile methodology for your product development process:

  • Support Evolving Requirements
  • Meet Customer Needs

In a precursor to the second part of “5 Ways Agile Improves New Product Development“,  there is a video introduction about modern requirements management solutions, which can help support an agile approach to product development.

Read the full guest post on the Siemens Solid Edge Blog.

The remaining three reasons to consider agile are discussed in part two.