Adopting a New 3D CAD (survey findings eBook)


new 3D CADThe How-to Guide to Adopting a New 3D CAD  shares best practices for changing from one 3D CAD tool to another. The guide shares the reasons you should consider making a change, potential benefits of making a change, and advice for selecting a new tool. The guide then goes deeper into the steps you should take to plan a migration, training resources, what to do with legacy data, and how to prioritize what legacy data you convert. These best practices were developed by analyzing the responses of those who were very satisfied with their transition process. Their responses were compared to the rest to identify the practices that lead to higher levels of satisfaction with a transition.

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Why Change to a New 3D CAD Tool?

There are several reasons why a company may change from one 3D CAD tool to another. Research from Tech-Clarity’s, “Are You Changing CAD Tools? What You Should Know” found that interestingly, those reasons have shifted over the last several years. Problems with the CAD tool used to be the primary drivers. Now, business reasons have become more important. This indicates that CAD tools have become more of a strategic piece of the overall product development solution.

However, changing something as critical as CAD involves multiple aspects. With a good understanding of best practices for adopting a new CAD tool, companies can enjoy the benefits of their new tool even sooner.

New 3D CADTech-Clarity analyzed how companies rated their transition process to migrate to a new CAD tool. The experiences of those who were especially happy with how the migration went were compared to the rest. The results of this analysis became the basis for best practices for migrating to a new 3D CAD tool. While both groups reported many benefits after making the transition, Top Performing Implementers reported even greater improvement.

Benefits of a 3D-to-3D Transition

Since implementing their current 3D CAD tool, companies report several improvements. By following best practices to support their transition to a new 3D CAD tool, Top Performing Implementers realize even more benefits. The table shows the respective improvements reported by each group.

New 3D CAD

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