Cloud Value Infographic ThumbEscalating Cloud Value by Adoption & Maturity (infographic)


How do companies achieve cloud value from product innovation and engineering software? How does that value expand with greater adoption and maturity? This infographic shares the benefits that companies achieve from the cloud from implementation, operation, and business perspectives. It goes beyond these to share how even greater ROI is available from strategic benefits and the unique opportunities that the cloud offers for engineering solutions. 

To learn more about the benefits, you can view our video series sharing insights from our research and interviews with Siemens EVP Bob Jones and SVP Brenda Discher on cloud strategy, cloud security, and customer perspectives about cloud adoption.

You can also learn more from Siemens Digital Industries Software, our sponsor.

Cloud Value Escalation Infographic

You can download a PDF of the Escalating Cloud Value Along the Path to Cloud Adoption and Maturity infographic here, courtesy of Siemens.