Improving Continuous Improvement (infographic)


Should you be improving continuous improvement (CI) in your company? For many companies, the answer is yes. Find out the difference between a typical continuous improvement program and one that’s better in this infographic to see whether you have room for improvement on your CI.

Data is at the heart of any CI program. Yet often, gathering, cleansing, normalizing, and using the data is so cumbersome that fewer improvements can take place than are possible. Trusting the data is often a challenge, too. Nearly everyone has seen situations where incorrect data led to poor decisions. What if you had a system to manage the data for CI that ensured everyone contributed accurate data and then made it available for analysis at any time?

Comparability and consistency of the data are other areas where CI often struggles. Because the metrics and goals for various CI projects are often completely different, it can be difficult to understand the true business value and prioritize where to focus. CI is designed for teams doing the work to participate in or even lead. That’s empowering, but it can be challenging to gain consistency and still fit the localized needs. What if you had a system that helped enforce best practices and translated potential and realized benefits into something comparable and meaningful to the business?

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Improving Continuous Improvement