Moldmakers: Design and Produce Tools Faster (webcast)


How can moldmakers better manage processes to meet delivery dates, withoutMoldmakers hurting profitability?

During this webinar, Tech-Clarity’s Michelle Boucher shares some of her latest research on tool design and production. Daren Beeson from Siemens then shares examples of how tool shops have conquered the complexity of tooling design and production in the mold, tool, and die industry.

During this webinar, you will learn how you can:

  • Shorten job turn-around time with an integrated toolset
  • Reduce tool cost by eliminating errors
  • Improve tool quality
  • Improve integration of the supply chain and communication throughout the development process

Moldmakers must navigate numerous challenges while managing an extremely complex process.  Starting with bidding for jobs, then designing the tool, while verifying manufacturability of both the plastic part and the tool, and finally producing it, there are many places things can go wrong. Then, a small change to the part means everything is out of date. The webinar will examine all of these phases, highlighting challenges you should look to overcome and sharing advice to improve your processes.

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