What Do You Need in CAD in 2020? (survey invite)


CAD in 2020What do you need in CAD in 2020 and the next decade? Is your tool ready? Does it have the features you need to keep your company competitive?

Please share your thoughts and perspective in this new CAD survey.

What technologies will be important to your company in 2020? Which ones will be important to your peers? Are you looking at 3D printing, IoT, AI, the cloud, or other technologies? What capabilities will you need in CAD in 2020 and beyond to support new technologies?

These are the types of questions we are exploring in this survey. New technologies can help companies become more competitive, but it is hard for engineers to leverage that technology without support from design tools. As a result, we would like to learn about your experience and hear your advice.

This survey is closed. The results will be shared in the associated report. Please find a list of our  active surveys here.

This survey is a refresh of one we ran a few years ago, so we will also examine how trends and perceptions have evolved.

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As a thank you for your time, we will send survey participants the research report of the final results.

In addition, 20 respondents will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. See rules and eligibility requirements below.CAD in 2020

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. We will keep individual responses confidential.

Thank you for your help and support!

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To be eligible for this offer, you must complete the survey and be a professional with job responsibilities related to or supporting designing, developing, or manufacturing products. Vendors and consultants who sell software, solutions, or services are not eligible. Students without professional work experience are also not eligible. To verify eligibility, you must provide a work email that includes the domain of your place of employment. Email addresses will be kept confidential and will not be used for any direct sales or marketing purposes. Duplicate responses will be disqualified. Winners will be notified when the survey results are published. If receiving incentives is against your company’s policies, please opt out of consideration at the end of the survey.