Semiconductor InnovationSemiconductor Innovation for Profitability (webcast)


Semiconductor InnovationSemiconductor innovation is multi-faceted; can lifecycle management improve product and thus business success?

This on-demand webinar features Julie Fraser sharing Top Performers’ best practices for digital continuity based on her new semiconductor industry research. 

Semiconductor companies are great at technical innovation, but many do not have all the capabilities they need for product profitability. The webcast shares insights from a survey of over 275 respondents from semiconductor companies and those who design semiconductors into their smart products. These are highlights of the upcoming research report, Semiconductor Innovation for Profitability: A Lifecycle Approach for Smart Products and Devices.

Fraser will present highlights of the research:

  • Challenges for profitability
  • What Top Performers are doing to succeed
  • Key process capabilities to improve
  • Technology supports for digital continuity

Learn what’s working from this groundbreaking research. Plus, Siemens VP of Electronics and Semiconductor Industry Alan Porter puts it all in the context of industry trends and imperatives. 

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