CFDCFD webinar : Are you using CFD during design? (webcast)


Do you worry about overheating in your product designs? Are you sure you have specified the right pump for your system? Do you make design decisions related to air flow, heat transfer, pressure, and other related physical phenomena?

Please join, Tech-Clarity’s Michelle Boucher and Chris Watson from Siemens for a webinar titled, “Are you using CFD during design?” on September 10 at 10:00 AM BST/11:00 AM CEST or 1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT. During this webinar, we will explain different ways Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  may help you develop even better designs. During the webinar, you will learn:

  • The value of frontloading CFD in the design process
  • Use cases where frontloading CFD adds value and why
  • How to avoid challenges to make frontloading CFD adoption easier

As product complexity grows, CFD is growing in importance. Learn more about it to see if it might be helpful for your company.

Register for the event here.