Why Not Adopt Cloud for Product Innovation and Engineering? (guest post)


How have manufacturers’ opinions on using the cloud to support product innovation, product development, and engineering changed? How does that impact cloud adoption?

Read the guest post in full in the Digital Transformation section of the Siemens PLM Community blog.

Jim Brown recently shared a guest post on the Siemens’ blog offering our experience on cloud adoption and starts a discussion about the variety of benefits that engineering software on the cloud offers. The post includes information from our prior research on using cloud for PLM, including this flowchart for companies to use when considering their cloud strategy.


Cloud Adoption for PLM and Engineering Flowchart

Times have changed. We’ve seen a shift from companies questioning if they should use the cloud to asking “why not?” use the cloud. Many viewed slower cloud adoption for PLM  and other engineering solutions as a reluctance to put IP in the cloud, but our research and experience point to another reason. The solutions available on the cloud versus more traditional deployments simply did not offer equivalent capabilities. Now, we’re seeing a different mindset.

Our conclusion is that the appetite for cloud solutions is increasing. At the same time, options are expanding to include more traditional solutions, along with their deep functionality, in a cloud offering. It’s time for more companies to take a look.