COVID-19 and Digital TransformationRoadmap: COVID-19 and Digital Transformation in Procurement Leaders (article)


COVID-19 and Digital TransformationHave procurement organizations re-focused digital transformation investments due to COVID-19?

Yes. Priorities are radically different, as the research shows behind Roadmap – COVID-19 and Digital Transformation: Unique Research Into Investment Priorities. What has changed is that companies are more focused on creating abilities to work remotely, connect, see, and analyze what’s going on in supply. They are less likely to focus on backward-facing performance metrics since historical patterns no longer apply.

This article is based on primary research into what procurement projects companies have accelerated or postponed due to COVID-19. It is a detailed look at where companies are investing and not right now.

It also explores whether these changes are likely to remain in place. Tech-Clarity’s Julie Fraser is quoted on page 9, predicting this is a new normal. “Business processes, such as forecasting and inventory planning, which relied on data feeds from backwards-looking systems, are no longer quite as important. History is far less relevant now. Instead, it makes sound sense to invest in projects that provide a competitive edge, to help procurement organisations deal with this new normal.”

We are pleased to contribute to this fascinating look at COVID-19 and Digital Transformation in procurement. The research was sponsored by Amazon Business UK, and the article written by Malcolm Wheatley.

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