Tech-Clarity’s Jim Brown Sharing IoT Thoughts at PTC Event


PTC caught some of my views on the Internet of Things on camera at a recent event. The videos include some of my thoughts along with those of PTC’s Jill Newberg and fellow analysts Joe Barkai and Gartner’s Tuong Nguyen.

The first one is on the IoT closing the loop in PLM, where I discuss how manufacturers no longer lose touch with their products – fundamentally changing the relationship between product, manufacturer, and customers.




The second is about thoughts on the IoT market and its maturity and that companies should not just focus on technology but on how to use information and connectivity to improve profitability and revenue.


There’s so much happening in this space and PTC’s YouTube IoT playlist contains these and much more educational content, including the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) that they demonstrated at the event.