Digital Design Transfer for Medical Devices (video)


Medical Device manufacturers struggling with product complexity can leverage digitalization to more efficiently transfer product designs to the shop floor. This episode of Tech-Clarity TV shares how digitalization can combat long validation times and slow manufacturing ramp-up by creating a digital continuity between product designs and manufacturing processes. Digital design transfer brings the potential for:

  • Simulating product, processes, lines, and plants
  • Virtually commissioning production equipment
  • Creating a seamless digital thread of information
  • Transferring production process data to MES systems

The video shares how medical device companies can digitialize to gain significant benefits including faster validation, improved efficiency, the ability to shift production between locations, and ramp products to full production volume quickly.

This video series is sponsored by Siemens, a leader in digitalization for the manufacturing industries. The first video, The Digitalization Opportunity for Medical Devices, will link to each of the videos.

Click here for more information on digitalization in the medical device industry from our sponsor, Siemens, a leader in digitalization for the manufacturing industries.


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