PLM-MESThe PLM – MES Gap and Why Bridging it is Urgent Now (webcast)


PLM-MESHow do you bridge the gulf between product engineering and manufacturing? In the product lifecycle, manufacturing sits at the center. Rapid product and process improvement, lower cost of quality, and business innovation rest on engineering and manufacturing working together effectively. Yet often they don’t or can’t.

Tech-Clarity research shows that MES and PLM are the top two applications Top Performers use to manage manufacturing data. Yet, like the disciplines, they often have a gap between them. That break in the digital thread limits companies’ ability to be truly agile, to innovate at top quality and at minimal cost.

Join iBASEt’s Attila Labas, Razorleafs Jonathan Scott, and Tech-Clarity’s Julie Fraser as they discuss the issues and challenges of PLM-MES gap bridging. Register now to join this live webinar on September 21st at 1:00 Eastern time.