Why Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0 Success (eBook)


Why Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0 Success What step are many companies missing to ensure their Industry 4.0 initiatives succeed? Why Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0 Success discusses the importance of enterprise strategy. The right strategy makes even pilot projects more likely to live up to their potential. This eBook talks about how thinking big for enterprise transformation makes initiatives more pragmatic.

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Table of Contents

  • Making Industry 4.0 Pragmatic
  • Industry 4.0 Transformative Benefits
  • Making Industry 4.0 Approachable
  • Why Disconnected Efforts are Insufficient
  • Mindsets for Success
  • Continuous Improvement for Industry 4.0
  • Enterprise Needs
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Making it Scalable and Repeatable
  • Build an Enterprise Industry 4.0 Approach
  • Strategy to Accelerate Progress

Making Industry 4.0 Pragmatic

Small Steps Need Firm Ground in Strategy

How can manufacturers take realistic steps to pursue Industry 4.0? The obvious answer is: get started with small projects. Yet, that may not be the best answer. Research shows that half of industrial internet of things (IIoT) projects are failing. It appears something is missing.

According to research, that missing step is often setting an enterprise strategy for the transformation. Industry 4.0 is far broader than the manufacturing plant’s operations and processes. Every department plus the ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and partners are involved. Only with an enterprise-level transformational strategy can manufacturers design, prioritize, and execute projects with assurance that they will build toward Industry 4.0. Companies must rely on what’s working, but also expand their view into the realm of what might be possible, even if it has not been to date.

Strategy to Accelerate Progress

Foundation for the Future

Strategy matters to Industry 4.0 success in several ways. Projects that have a clear context in strategy can deliver benefits not only locally, but roll out more widely and deliver enterprise benefits. Continuous Improvement (CI) progress can be smoother and more assured. With that clear strategic foundation, Industry 4.0 enables manufacturers to deliver higher value to their customers and markets now and into the future.

In short, Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0!

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