Enhancing Customer Experience with Your Supply Chain Strategy (webcast)



Supply Chain StrategyCustomer expectations for rapid, complete shipments are rising constantly. How can a business set supply chain strategy to meet current and future needs? Listen to this webcast from July 19, 2022  where Julie Fraser explores this with Kenny William of Parts Town and Victoria Brown of Körber Supply Chain. Both have deep experience in ensuring that warehouse management software (WMS) keeps products moving even when customer expectations change.

You will hear and learn about:

  • how to manage uncertainty 
  • examples of how to stay agile
  • WMS software flexibility and ability to support constant change 
  • keeping up with process improvements
  • accelerating movement through the warehouse

Whether you’re an innovator at core or know you need to be more so to keep a strong market position, this fireside-chat-style webinar will illuminate some of the ways to create extraordinary customer experiences with your supply chain strategy. 

Register for the webcast replay to hear this discussion on the impact customer expectations have on organizations.

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