Tech-Clarity TV – Consolidating CAD Strategy and ROI


In this episode of Tech-Clarity TV Jim Brown discusses the financial and strategic benefits of consolidating onto a single CAD tool. The information is based on a recent Tech-Clarity report, Consolidating CAD – The Benefits of a Unified CAD Strategy. The report provides a way to calculate the cost savings available from systems rationalization. These savings go far beyond license or maintenance cost reduction. These cost cutting measure are how most companies will justify the project to standardize on a single CAD package. The report goes beyond cost savings to share the strategic value of rationalizing CAD systems (reuse, collaboration, corporate flexibility, IT specialization, and process standardization), which are even more compelling (if slightly less tangible and harder to calculate).

The full report and a downloadable spreadsheet to help you analyze cost savings for your company are available from our sponsor PTC as a part of their CAD Consolidation Kit (free of charge, registration required).