The CAD Interoperability Survival Guide (webcast)


How can engineers be productive and innovate when suppliers, customers, other departments, and even different design teams use a variety of CAD tools? This webcast shares how CAD interoperability helps companies survive when multi-CAD is simply the reality they live with every day. The webinar shares customer stories and best practices from our recent eBook and includes a number of options that companies can consider to help manage the mayhem. In addition, Autodesk will share how their customers leverage associative interoperability of non-native CAD to help make product development more efficient, even when designs inevitably change.

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Webcast Description

Does this sound all too familiar? Spending hours working on customers designs before we can do any real value-added work. We waste time re-importing design changes from customers and still have to redo all of our modifications like adding ribs or creating tool paths. There is no way we can afford a license for all the different CAD software packages.


Well if it does, you are not alone. CAD interoperability challenges communicating with customers, suppliers and internally is a real beast and leads to significant non-value added work. In this webinar we will discuss the unavoidable reality of multi-CAD and ways to manage the mayhem without wasting so much time and actually thriving!

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Why multi-CAD impacts productivity and profitability
  • How CAD Interoperability allows you to overcome the challenges and work better internally, with customers, and with the supply chain
  • What to look for in your CAD solution