Webcast – Separating Innovation Fact from Fiction


Tech-Clarity’s Jim Brown will present his views on product innovation and innovation management software on the Separating Fact from Fiction to Power Product Innovation webcast. Jim will join Carrie Nauyalis of Planview to share findings from his upcoming Top 5 Misconceptions about Innovation Management Software report and Carrie’s provocative views on companies that “fake innovation.” It should be an interesting discussion!

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Webcast Details:

Want to increase the upsides and ROI from product innovation?  For many this includes taking a new approach to innovation – one which incorporates best practice processes and technology.  For fast moving organizations, the challenges can seem daunting – and some are concerned about stifling innovation.  But is that fact or fiction?

Attend this webinar and be among the first to learn the highlights and findings contained in the latest white paper from industry expert Jim Brown of Tech-Clarity. Joined by Planview’s New Product Development Evangelist, Carrie Nauyalis, Brown will cover the top five innovation management myths found in manufacturers today, as well as practical tips and recommendations for disproving them and moving forward. All attendees will receive a free copy of the white paper.