Remote Monitoring Solution Selection for Medical Device Service (webcast)


What should Life Sciences Companies look for in a solution to transform service using IoT remote monitoring? Tech-Clarity’s Jim Brown and PTC’s Anthony Moffa will share recent research and industry experience on this Medical Design & Outsourcing webcast, How to Select a Remote Monitoring Solution to Transform Your Service Model. The webcast will cover how to improve service maturity to better service medical equipment, leading to both higher profitability and better patient outcomes. We’ll also share how this initiative can set the foundation for even broader IoT and digitalization benefits.

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Event Synopsis

In the IoT era, service transformation is the new frontier of innovation. For life sciences and medical device innovators, remote monitoring is the superpower that unlocks service value through reduced service costs, improved customer satisfaction, and greater insight. When it comes to choosing the best remote monitoring software, medical device makers have many factors to consider. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the decision alone.

In this upcoming February 28 discussion, Jim Brown and Anthony Moffa put remote monitoring under the microscope.  Hear the crucial steps to choosing a remote monitoring solution and learn:

  •     The three stages of connected services maturity.
  •     The critical role of software analytics – and what to look for.
  •     How to make the most of your IoT investment from device design all the way through to maintenance and service.

This discussion is a must for any medical device or life science innovator looking to make an informed decision about IoT and the benefits of remote monitoring for service.