Smart Manufacturing for SemiconductorIts Time for Semiconductor to Smarten Up! (presentation)


Smart Manufacturing for SemiconductorCan the most sophisticated manufacturing in the world get smarter? Join Julie Fraser in this session to challenge yourself. Consider what you don’t already know in this session at Siemens Industry Software’s Realize Live virtual user conference. It is based on the paper Smart Manufacturing for Semiconductor she authored prior to joining Tech-Clarity. This session explores how exploding revenue opportunities come with challenges. To meet customer expectations and maintain margins, companies may need to adopt new approaches and technologies. This presentation has passed, please click here to watch the full session (registration required).

Key take-aways

Many new applications for semiconductors in the smart, connected world also lead to exceptional pressures on both fabs and backend operations. Julie will discuss a few of the concepts that many semiconductor companies have not yet leveraged to full advantage. In this session, you will hear how digital twin, modern comprehensive MES with integrated scheduling and quality, and advanced analytics can accelerate operations’ improvement efforts.