Dueling Analyst Makes a Splash at COFES on Tech4PD Episode


Slideshow Graphic Template.pptxIf you missed the last couple of episodes of Tech4PD you missed Jim Brown taking the Polar Bear Plunge in 34 degree water and failing at the saltine challenge. You also missed some great discussions on Putting ERP and PLM into their Place and whether Integrated or Granular Design Suites offer more value.

In this episode, we debate whether PDM is overkill for small manufacturers. Please make sure to watch on Engineering.com and cast your vote. We also share the implications of your voting from the design suite episode. One of your favorite Tech4PD dueling analysts had to jump into the pool during the COFES opening reception full clothed. Anybody want to guess who it was?

Is Product Data Management Overkill for Small Design Teams? - Tech4PD - ENGINEERING.com

I hope you are enjoying the series. We are doing our best to tackle tough engineering software topics without taking ourselves too seriously. It turns out it’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously walking around after you get out of the pool soaking wet in a golf shirt and shorts.