Avoid Wasting Design Time (infographic)


How can engineers avoid wasting precious design time on non-value-added data management tasks? Take a look at our new infographic Avoiding Time Wasters in CAD Design to see a graphical representation of our research. The “CAD Design Challenge” turns design into a board game that highlights key time wasters in design and the best practices that help engineers avoid them.

We’ve shared the introduction and the first challenge that leads to wasting design time – the inability to reuse data – below. To view the full infographic, please visit our sponsor Siemens Digital Industries Software (no registration required)


PDM Infographic

*This summary is an abbreviated version of the research and does not contain the full content. A link to download the full infographic is available above.

If you have difficulty obtaining a copy of the report, please contact us using the “Contact” link below.