• On Thursday, May 18 at 2:00 EDT, Michelle Boucher share best practices to improve the efficiency of simulation postprocessing. During this webinar,  Shawn Wasserman, simulation editor at ENGINEERING.com, will join Michelle. This webinar will reveal: Common challenges during the postprocessing phase Best practices to overcome those postprocessing challenges Case studies demonstrating the benefits of efficient postprocessing   Register for this event today.   … [ read more ]

    Webinar: Solving the Bottlenecks of Simulation: Postprocessing – May 18, 2PM ET
  • The How-to Guide to Adopting a New 3D CAD  shares best practices for changing from one 3D CAD tool to another. The guide shares the reasons you should consider making a change, potential benefits of making a change, and advice for selecting a new tool. The guide then goes deeper into the steps you should take to plan a migration, training resources, what to do with legacy data, and how to prioritize what legacy data you convert. These best practices were developed by analyzing the responses of those who were very satisfied with their transition process. Their responses were compared to the rest to identify … [ read more ]

    Adopting a New 3D CAD (survey findings eBook)
  • Are you making your products smarter? Are you feeling pressure to add software and electronics? Please share your experience, thoughts, and lessons learned  in this new survey on transforming product design to develop smart products. The survey explores challenges you should be aware of, the impacts of those challenges, and how to avoid them. We will explore questions such as: What strategies should you consider when developing connected products? What challenges should you be aware of when designing the PCB? How do you overcome electrical wiring challenges? We would like to learn what you find hard … [ read more ]

    Transforming Product Design for Today’s Smart Products (survey invite)
  • Jim Brown joins Autodesk's Michael Vesperman during this Engineering Live panel discussion moderated by Janine Mooney, Editor in Chief at Advantage Business Media. Jim and Michael share insights from recent survey results and customer experience in an interactive discussion on NPDI.  They share NPD best practices and technology including 7 things that Top Performers in NPDI do differently than the rest. Register for the May 17 event now! … [ read more ]

    Beating the Competition with New Product Development and Introduction (webcast)
  • The Design Data Management Maturity Improves Profitability, Analyzing Best Practices for Managing Designs report shares fresh survey data and interviews. It updates our design data management research to cover new trends like using cloud file sharing applications to manage data. It also drills down on the topics of complexity and non-value added time spent managing design data, and shares metrics on the business improvements available from design data management best practices and technologies. Please enjoy the summary below, or click the report or title to download the full PDF (free of charge, no … [ read more ]

    Design Data Management Maturity Improves Profitability (survey report)

Product Line Engineering (PLE)How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage


Product Line Engineering (PLE)How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage: Removing Time, Cost, and Complexity from the Systems Lifecycle discusses the growing importance of embedded software in today’s products and the resulting complexity. The report highlights the negative impacts of not managing this complexity. Despite these impacts, there are benefits of using the right software.  Those using the right software can better manage complexity. As a result, they see improvements in quality, efficiency, innovation, and development costs. The report explains this further. It also describes how Product Line Engineering (PLE) fits in and four things to look in a PLE solution.

Please enjoy the summary below.

For the full report, please visit our sponsor, BigLever  (free of charge, registration required).

From this registration page, in addition to the report, you can also access an on-demand webinar on Product Line Engineering. During this webinar, you can learn more about the research from this report. You will also hear from Charles Krueger, CEO of BigLever Software.

What’s Happening with Systems Development?

Research from Tech-Clarity’s Developing Software-Intensive Products finds that 53% of companies report significant increases to the amount of software in their products. Further, 75% say that over the next 5 years, they will be adding even more software to their products. This growth makes sense as software offers lots of opportunity. However, it also introduces challenges. Ignoring these challenges will hurt company profitability, while companies who address them will be far more successful, win new customers, and beat their competition.

Key Takeaways

With the increasing amount of embedded software and the need to stand out from the competition, Product Line Engineering across systems and software can be a helpful way to enable platform design. With the right software solution, companies can avoid some of the challenges of systems engineering. Qualities to consider in a PLE solution include facilitating collaboration across engineering discipline, managing complexity, and supporting design automation.

*This summary is an abbreviated version of the report and does not contain the full content. Use this link to download the full reportIf you have difficulty obtaining a copy of the report, please contact us using the “Contact” link below.

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