Simulation BottlenecksAnnouncing New Research on FEA Simulation Bottlenecks – Guest Post on Siemens Blog


Michelle Boucher shares new research on simulation in this Siemens guest post, Announcing New Research on FEA Simulation Bottlenecks. Simulation can be a powerful tool to help guide design decisions. Consequently, the more it used, the more value companies tend to get from it. Unfortunately, companies do not get as much value as they could because bottlenecks limit the amount of simulation done. Tech-Clarity’s research identifies those simulation bottlenecks, as well as best practices for overcoming them. This guest blog post describes the research process and shares some key findings.  The complete report  sharing findings and recommendations, can be accessed here (free of charge, registration required).

Read the post on the Siemens Femap Blog.

Simulation Bottlenecks - Time Breakdown