IT/OT ConvergencePractical Approaches to IT/OT Convergence (guest post)

IT/OT Convergence
IT/OT convergence is beneficial and while mindsets must change, today’s technologies make it possible to converge plant data.

How can plants leverage all of their data more effectively? One foundation is for IT and OT to converge. But that does not have to be far in the future. My guest blog Practical Approaches to IT/OT Convergence discusses why and how to tear down the wall between manufacturing engineering and their operational technology (OT) and IT and their information technology (IT).

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Blog topics:

  • Benefits of better IT/OT convergence, which are many and proven
  • How current technologies can support this convergence at every stage of data:
    • Gathering data effectively
    • Putting IT and OT data into context
    • Gaining consistent access
    • Increasing visibility into performance
  • Practical questions to ask to explore your next steps toward IT/OT convergence