Product Line Engineering (PLE)How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage


Product Line Engineering (PLE)How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage: Removing Time, Cost, and Complexity from the Systems Lifecycle discusses the growing importance of embedded software in today’s products and the resulting complexity. The report highlights the negative impacts of not managing this complexity. Despite these impacts, there are benefits of using the right software.  Those using the right software can better manage complexity. As a result, they see improvements in quality, efficiency, innovation, and development costs. The report explains this further. It also describes how Product Line Engineering (PLE) fits in and four things to look in a PLE solution.

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What’s Happening with Systems Development?

Research from Tech-Clarity’s Developing Software-Intensive Products finds that 53% of companies report significant increases to the amount of software in their products. Further, 75% say that over the next 5 years, they will be adding even more software to their products. This growth makes sense as software offers lots of opportunity. However, it also introduces challenges. Ignoring these challenges will hurt company profitability, while companies who address them will be far more successful, win new customers, and beat their competition.

Key Takeaways

With the increasing amount of embedded software and the need to stand out from the competition, Product Line Engineering across systems and software can be a helpful way to enable platform design. With the right software solution, companies can avoid some of the challenges of systems engineering. Qualities to consider in a PLE solution include facilitating collaboration across engineering discipline, managing complexity, and supporting design automation.

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