Science Lifecycle Management in the Enterprise Ecosystem


ScLM ThumbThis ebook, Science Lifecycle Management in the Enterprise Ecosystem, explains the value of Science Lifecycle Management (ScLM) solutions and how they complement other enterprise solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and ERP. It provides a quick way to get up to speed on the ScLM vision by sharing insights from Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Eli Lilly. The eBook overviews how ScLM integrates scientific functions ranging from electronic lab notebooks (ELN) to informatics and simulation with other solution suites to improve quality, efficiency, compliance, and scientific innovation.

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ERP and PLM are the two primary systems used to enable manufacturing businesses. Tech-Clarity’s research describes the roles ERP and PLM play and how they work alongside other enterprise systems. But the discussion has always stopped short of the lab and the value of R&D – developing and validating new materials, compounds, and processes that are the building blocks for product-level innovation.

The lab is involved in all phases of the product lifecycle. Now, visionary companies are taking a more holistic, integrated view of how science enables the enterprise. An integrated ecosystem of solutions has emerged, Scientific Lifecycle Management (ScLM). ScLM starts in early discovery with capabilities like high throughput science, molecular simulation, and lab notebooks and extends through product development, testing, and validation.

Leading companies are extending the advantage of ScLM by integrating it more broadly into their enterprise processes and systems including ERP and PLM. This eBook shares insights and experience from two companies that have started their ScLM journeys with visions toward fully integrated enterprise ecosystems that support the business of manufacturing, product innovation, and scientific exploration and discovery.