Why Not to Justify Cloud Engineering Software (guest post)


How should manufacturers justify their transition to cloud engineering software? Cloud solutions offer value in implementation, operational, business, strategic, and other dimensions unique to design and product development. So why do we believe the decision shouldn’t focus on the benefits of cloud engineering software? If you’re guessing there’s a twist, you’re right, but we think it’s an important distinction.

Read the full guest post in the Digital Transformation section of the Siemens PLM Community blog to learn more about the benefits of the cloud. More importantly, understand the value of engineering software and why we believe companies need to take a “solution first” approach to their cloud transition.

Please enjoy the latest in a series of Tech-Clarity guest posts including The Subtle Shift to “Why Not Cloud?” and Cloud Engineering Software: More than Just Engineering Software on the Cloud.

How to Justify the Cloud Transition

With all of the value available, it’s no wonder that companies are moving to the cloud. How do they support the decision shift to cloud solutions? Some may justify the change solely on infrastructure cost savings. We believe, however, that the most important thing about justifying the switch to cloud engineering software is not to do it at all. What!? To be clear, the point we’re trying to make is “don’t justify cloud engineering software, justify engineering software deployed on the cloud.

Maybe we’re mincing words, but there’s a clear message to our advice. Before justifying cloud engineering software, understand the value the solution can provide and make sure you get the right engineering software. Only then should you start to think about the right deployment option. Additional analysis on data from a recent survey shows that manufacturers agree.

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