Supplier Strategies to Win more Business


Jim Brown presents on this Industry Week and Aviation Week webcast sharing insights into the new levers of competition for suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries. He presents with Dassault Systemes Director of Automotive/Transportation Industry Michael Lalande and Aerospace and Defense Business Consultant Paul Granada who share deeper perspectives on their respective industries.

Together they share practical ways that suppliers can step up to more strategic, profitable roles with their customers while managing the resulting complexity. Highlights of the the strategies include:

  • Simplify and manage complexity by using a Model Based Enterprise or Systems Engineering approach to ensure systems perform to requirements
  • Implement new ways to reduce costs by improving the management of bill of materials(BOM), enterprise data and process optimization
  • Minimize business risks and fulfill performance requirements through 3D master development, validation and testing

Listen to the recorded webcast now. Free of charge, registration required. Sponsored by Dassault Systemes.