Equipment DesignIncreasing Equipment Design Velocity (eBook)

How can manufacturers accelerate equipment quotes, design, and delivery without sacrificing performance and quality? What four disciplines do they need to digitally transform their design processes to move faster and get designs right the first time despite increasing complexity? Please enjoy the summary* below. For the full research, please visit our sponsor Siemens (registration required). For

Product and Program Management Goes Mobile

Issue in Focus: Product and Program Management Goes Mobile – Compressing Project Cycle Time and Time to Market with Mobile PLM describes how mobile workers can decide, approve, and contribute to their projects and programs in real-time using PLM in a mobile scenario. PLM applications provide significant value to product and program managers, including control

Podcast: Mobile PLM Applications – A Tech-Clarity Snapshot

Hear Jim Brown share his views on … mobile PLM applications in engineering, product management, and program management. The main topics covered include: The advantages of mobile PLM to Engineering How mobile PLM helps in product and program management Key considerations every CIO should know when taking PLM mobile Let us know what you think.

Product Portfolio Management in a PLM Strategy

Issue in Focus: Product Portfolio Management in a PLM Strategy – Closing the Loop on Product Planning explores how engineering-centric businesses can take a more closed-loop approach between Product Portfolio Management (PPM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to extend the value of PPM. Discusses the benefits of closing the loop between theoretical plans and actual