The Week of Webcasts – PLM Style

Join me this week or a quick peek into some of my research in one (or more) of several PLM-related webcasts this week. I will be joined by some great speakers that will share their views as well. I am not sure why this week is so densely packed with web presentations, but it should

What the Heck is Going on in the Engineering Software Market!?

Taking a look around at the engineering software market there are a few things that are clear and a lot of unanswered questions. One clear fact is that 2010 was a lot better than 2009 for most manufacturers and the engineering software vendors that serve them. From early indications, 2011 is looking even better. But

The Economics of Design Simulation – Time, Money, and Quality

A quick peek into some research on … the business value of simulation shows how manufacturers can meet demands for time to market and reduced cost without compromising product quality. Simulation helps companies meet the reality of today’s market, where building products with extremely high safety factors will simply no longer work. Like wise, costly

You CAD! Strategic Considerations for Multi-CAD versus Standardization

A quick peek into some more research on standardizing CAD solutions, starting with a strategy to determine if you should standardize in the first place. Tech-Clarity Issue in Focus: CAD Standardization Strategies discusses considerations for operating in a multi-CAD environment versus standardizing on a single solution.