Predicting Engineering Software Market Trends in 2012 (need your help)

One thing is for sure, this hasn’t been a boring year for the engineering software market so far! A lot has happened with new entrants in the market and some exciting technology trends. As usual at this time of year, we are asking for input on what comes next. Please take a five minutes now

Social Business – What if Facebook Didn’t Fail for Product Development?

How can social computing solve product lifecycle management (PLM) problems? Here’s a peek into some research, Issue in Focus: Social Business Collaboration and the Product Lifecycle: Combining the Power of Social Media with PLM, that helps clarify things a bit. I’ll start with some of my thoughts on the value of social computing for product

What is the Real Story on Product Data Management (PDM)

What is the real story about PDM? Tell me what you think by taking this Design Data Management  survey and then I’ll send you the full report when we publish the results. No strings attached, no follow up marketing calls, I just want to know what is really happening out there with data management. Fair

Good Thinking on Social Computing for Product Development

I would like to give you a quick peek into some blog posts by Evan Yares on social product innovation that I think are worth sharing, and that bring up a good question. Where will social solutions for engineering and product development actually come from? For those of you that know me, I have been

How do Leading Companies Design Embedded Software for their Products?

I am currently investigating how companies design and develop embedded software for their products. My Mechatronics: Driving Product Innovation with Embedded Software report discusses how embedded software adds complexity but also presents some compelling opportunities for innovation. You have heard my opinion, now it’s time for you to share your experience! Please share your perspective.

Mythbust Social Computing in Innovation – Fad, Future, or Fail?

This is an invitation to speak your mind on the use of social computing in product innovation, product development, and engineering. I have the honor of helping one of my favorite innovation and PLM consulting firms, Kalypso, with some new research. Please take our survey on using social media for product innovation now. My Thoughts