Hidden FactoryThe Power in the Hidden Factory: Unlocking the Untapped Potential in Manufacturing Operations (webcast)


Hidden FactoryCould your production operation be more productive? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, despite having plenty of data. Sometimes, metrics like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) don’t even help uncover the hidden factory. Yet, OEE can and should pinpoint opportunities.

Find out how to improve more reliably in this June 2021 webcast. Listen in to Tech-Clarity’s Julie Fraser, VP of Research for Operations and Manufacturing, and Nick Leeder, VP of Digital Transformation Solutions at PTC, as they discuss how digital continuous improvement (CI) programs can help your company succeed. Keep your bottlenecks productive. Build on and drill down into OEE to get real insights. 

Hint: It’s all about speed. Get a glimpse into the hidden factory. Start thinking about how to uncover ways to boost productivity.

View the webcast on-demand here.