Industry 4.0 TrendsHow to Benefit from Industry 4.0 Trends in 2021 (webcast)


Industry 4.0 TrendsHow can manufacturers maximize value from their digital transformation efforts in 2021? In these uncertain times, it matters. There are some basics to leveraging Industry 4.0 trends. Success may be closer to your grasp than you realize.

This live webinar has passed, but please click here to watch it free, on-demand. Find out where trends are taking us and hear examples of how other manufacturers are already gaining benefits:

  • Agility and flexibility: Can you handle uncertainty and respond as the market changes? This is at the heart of Industry 4.0. It’s also crucial to navigating the effects of COVID-19.
  • Build from a strong foundation: Will your new technology projects fail? Discover why they are doomed unless you have strong enterprise systems as underpinning.
  • Smooth data flows: Do your people always have a clear source of the truth? Why master data management is essential to speed and agility of response.
  • New business models: Can your company stay profitable and competitive in 2021? How manufacturers can move toward added-value services, improving sustainability, and new channels to market.

Watch the webinar replay now to hear shared perspectives from Julie Fraser, VP Research, Operations and Manufacturing for Tech-Clarity, and Mike Stein, Product Manager, Sage X3, as they discuss Industry 4.0 trends for 2021 (registration required). The session includes data, examples, and interaction.