Digital Twin and Smart Manufacturing for Semiconductor (webcast)


smart manufacturing for semiconductorAre your production approaches as smart as they are sophisticated? Before you answer, consider whether all the information about each aspect of the fab is readily available. Imagine the benefits in flexibility, quality, costs, agility, speed, confidence… this is the vision of smart manufacturing. To capture today’s myriad opportunities, these improvements are essential. The good news is, it’s possible today. Please visit our sponsor Siemens for the full webcast (registration required).


Smart Manufacturing in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Fabrication

Join as Julie Fraser discusses a paper on Smart Manufacturing for Semiconductor she wrote before joining the Tech-Clarity team.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is in MES beyond track and trace
  • How to tie supply chain and manufacturing operations together
  • How big data analytics differs from the analysis of large quantities of data
  • How a digital twin boosts performance
  • How smart manufacturing solutions weave a connected threat for a more agile enterprise.

The webinar also features David Corey, Head of Semiconductor Industry sales at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He provides both industry context and shares the Siemens’ perspective on the Smart Manufacturing digital thread for semiconductor.

Watch the webcast replay now, sponsored by Siemens (registration required).