Arena Solution’s PLM Vision 2014+

What is Arena Solutions’ plan for PLM? From the early days as to today, Arena has been a pureplay cloud PLM player. You could argue they had cloud PLM before cloud PLM was cool. They were a pioneer in the space, but where are they headed now? This post is a part of my series on Strategic Visions of the Major

Motorola Taps Product Compliance Capability for Conflict Minerals

Motorola Addresses Conflict Minerals with Compliance Infrastructure explains how Motorola extended the comprehensive platform that allows them to design products for environmental compliance to address US Dodd-Frank act conflict minerals requirements. The eBook explains how the process and software platform that enables Motorola to comply with RoHS, REACH, and other regulations gave them a tremendous head start when the need to track

Product Cost Management – A Knowledge Based Approach to Optimizing Product Cost

Product Cost Management – A Knowledge Based Approach to Optimizing Product Cost explains how manufacturers can design products for optimal cost in order to improve profitability. The research shares interviews with three industrial manufacturers on the way they work with their supply chains to reduce cost using an analytical, fact-based methodology to drive out unnecessary

A Risk-Based Approach to Component and Supplier Management

A Risk-Based Approach to Component and Supplier Management: Mitigating Risk with Component and Compliance Intelligence discusses the importance of a structured risk management process to mitigate supply risk and ensure products can be delivered to market reliably and cost-effectively, and the importance of having the right supply chain information to support the process. Click here

Good Thinking on Social Computing for Product Development

I would like to give you a quick peek into some blog posts by Evan Yares on social product innovation that I think are worth sharing, and that bring up a good question. Where will social solutions for engineering and product development actually come from? For those of you that know me, I have been