Best Practices for Managing Design Data Survey Report

Tech-Clarity Perspective: Best Practices for Managing Design Data – How Effective Data Management Fundamentals Enable World-Class Product Development shares survey results on the processes and technology that top-performing manufacturers use to manage their technical product data. The survey benchmarks manufacturers on their design performance and determines which respondents outperform the others in: Designing high quality

Developing Sofware-Intensive Products

Perspective: Developing Software-Intensive Products: Addressing the Innovation-Complexity Conundrum presents survey data and analysis to help manufacturers understand the benefits and challenges of developing products that derive a significant amount of their capabilities from software. The terms “embedded software” and “mechatronics” really don’t describe the varied uses of software in today’s products from automobiles to appliances.

Predicting Engineering Software Market Trends in 2012 (need your help)

One thing is for sure, this hasn’t been a boring year for the engineering software market so far! A lot has happened with new entrants in the market and some exciting technology trends. As usual at this time of year, we are asking for input on what comes next. Please take a five minutes now

Software Intensive Product Survey says More Software in Products means More Problems

A quick peek into some research on how manufacturers can achieve the positive business benefits of software-intensive products without suffering the common, negative challenges and business impacts resulting from increased product development complexity. The report, Tech-Clarity Perspective: Developing Software-Intensive Product: Addressing the Innovation-Complexity Conundrum, highlights the results of a survey of over 100 manufacturers to

And the Winners from the Data Management Survey are…

Thank you to Siemens PLM for making iPads available to a few lucky survey respondents! The winners are ………………… (that is a drumroll, if you can’t tell) ………………………. Brian Halter, High Steel Structures, USA  Mary Castille, Whataburger Restaurants Property & Facilities, USA  Lijun Li, Ningbo Saikesi Hydraulic Company, China  Xuehui Zhang, Ninghai Saiping Mould Company,

What is the Real Story on Product Data Management (PDM)

What is the real story about PDM? Tell me what you think by taking this Design Data Management  survey and then I’ll send you the full report when we publish the results. No strings attached, no follow up marketing calls, I just want to know what is really happening out there with data management. Fair