Engineering Fundamentals: Product Data Management

Jim Brown presents on this webinar about “Building the PLM Foundation with PDM” sponsored by Siemens PLM. Jim’s presentation highlights the importance of PDM basics – control, access, and sharing product data- to successful product development. View a Replay of the Webcast

System-Driven Product Development

Jim Brown continues this webcast series by presenting the challenges companies face developing mechatronic products. Jim joins Siemens PLM to discuss the importance of smarter products and how companies can manage the complexity associated with developing them. Watch the Webcast Replay

Mobile PLM for Improved Profitability

Jim Brown joins Siemens PLM on this webcast on the value that PLM plays in a mobile setting. His presentation discusses the use of mobile Product Lifecycle Management Solutions and how they can help Engineering and Product or Program managers improve business performance. Register for the Webinar View Related Webinar on IT Considerations