Concept Design Survey

Concept Design Survey How do leading companies develop conceptual models? Please share your experience. We are conducting new research on concept development. We are exploring questions such as, what are best practices for developing concepts? … [ read more ]

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CAE Survey

CAE Survey How do leading companies use simulation to develop more competitive products? Please share your experience. How does simulation and analysis impact your products? What challenges should you look to overcome to improve simulation … [ read more ]

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PLM Beyond Managing CAD

Product Lifecycle Management Beyond Managing CAD, The Business Value of PLM shares survey results exploring the value of PLM beyond managing design files such as CAD. While the research finds that most Top Performers manage CAD in PLM, they also do … [ read more ]


An Action Plan to Improve Your Product Portfolio

Tech-Clarity's new eBook, An Action Plan to Improve Your Product Portfolio, helps companies start down the path to better product profitability through PPM. The research shares insights on how to recognize the need for PPM, prepare your organization … [ read more ]


Survey: Material Trends for Engineering and Production

Material Trends for Engineering and Production How are new materials impacting your design and production processes? Please share your experience. What are your plans for new materials? What challenges should you be aware of when using new … [ read more ]

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@olegshilovitsky main point on ERP-PLM quote is don't get hung up on the acronym, find the solution that helps your business 8 hours ago.

RT @olegshilovitsky: It is not PLM that takes time - it is building and agreeing on requirements takes time - Rick Noriega, VACCO #XLR8PLM 12 hours ago.

RT @smprezbo: Question from the #NetSuite session - about 20 joint customers with PLM 360 #XLR8PLM 12 hours ago.

RT @AutodeskPLM360: We rely on our customers to help lead us and our product in the right direction. #XLR8PLM 12 hours ago.

@monica_schnitge Fair enough :-) 12 hours ago.