Tech-Clarity TV – How to Buy a Design Review Solution

This Tech-Clarity TV episode shares the highlights of Tech-Clarity's Design Review Buyer's Guide. The video explains the importance of analyzing special considerations like scalability in addition to core product functionality. It also points out … [ read more ]

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Tech-Clarity TV Science Lifecycle Management (ScLM)

This episode of Tech-Clarity TV shares our views on the importance of Science Lifecycle Management (ScLM) and how ScLM complements ERP and PLM in the enterprise systems ecosystem. The report complements a recent Tech-Clarity eBook on ScLM that … [ read more ]

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Motorola Taps Product Compliance Capability for Conflict Minerals

Motorola Addresses Conflict Minerals with Compliance Infrastructure explains how Motorola extended the comprehensive platform that allows them to design products for environmental compliance to address US Dodd-Frank act conflict minerals … [ read more ]

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Infographic – Regulatory Explosion Demands Product Development Changes

Tech-Clarity's Regulatory Explosion Demands Product Development Changes to Ensure Compliance and Reduce Product Risk offers a compelling view of the growth in the number of global product regulations, the expanding scope of these mandates, and the … [ read more ]


Science Lifecycle Management in the Enterprise Ecosystem

This ebook, Science Lifecycle Management in the Enterprise Ecosystem, explains the value of Science Lifecycle Management (ScLM) solutions and how they complement other enterprise solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and ERP. It provides … [ read more ]

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@joemcburnie @olegshilovitsky @CADBlogWatch Joe - it's TCO 17 hours ago.

@olegshilovitsky @CADBlogWatch That's what I said, right? If bare minimum is what you can afford in cost / time / effort - it's good enough 18 hours ago.

@olegshilovitsky @CADBlogWatch I haven't met many companies where cost isn't a consideration. That's why so many are on shared drives, etc. 18 hours ago.

@olegshilovitsky @CADBlogWatch all cost-benefit in terms of "good enough" - right? 20 hours ago.

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