Webinar on PLM For Auto and Aero Suppliers

Jim Brown and Dassault Systémes' VP Kendall Pond will present on this Engineering.com webcast sharing insights on the value of PLM for aerospace and automative suppliers that have outgrown their informal data management approaches. Companies in the auto and aero supply chains can learn how to better manage data, … [ read more ]


SaaS-O-Matic Spoof and Interview on True Cloud PLM with Excellims

How do you tell true cloud PLM software versus other SaaS options and why is it important? We start this episode by poking some fun at old software disguised as cloud. Then, Jim Brown interviews Excellims Corporation's VP of Engineering Mark Osgood who shares his experience outgrowing spreadsheets for managing … [ read more ]


IoT Makes As Good as the Day I Bought It a Thing of the Past Guest Post on PTC’s Product Lifecycle Report

Jim Brown penned a post on evergreen design for PTC's Product Lifecycle Report Blog. The report, IoT Makes "As Good as the Day I Bought It" a Thing of the Past, shares the exciting potential available from smart, connected products that can be updated in the field to correct issues, improve performance, or add … [ read more ]


Siemens PLM Vision 2015+

In addition to being a major industrial manufacturer in their own right, Siemens PLM has a rich history in the engineering software industry. Today, they continue to drive their PLM agenda forward while taking greater advantage of the synergies available from being a part of a global manufacturer with offerings … [ read more ]


How Much PDM is Right for You? (animated video)

This short, animated Tech-Clarity TV episode explores the different Product Data Management options available to manufacturers. It explains that value of full-featured PDM as a step beyond CAD File Management and a stepping stone toward PLM for more advanced capabilities as … [ read more ]


Tech-Clarity is an independent research firm that believes the value of technology is often overshadowed by the technology itself. Companies invest in software technology for one reason -- to achieve better business results. Tech-Clarity's mission is to make the business value of technology clear and help manufacturers educate themselves on how they can improve their performance through the intelligent use of enterprise and social software. learn more »


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Webinar- PLM For Auto & Aero Suppliers http://https://t.co/jd2AKUzw3Q #PLM #Automotive #Aerospace Sponsored by @DassaultSystems 4 days ago.

#PTC_Windchill11 offers new value to @PTC #PLM customers regardless of #IoT maturity, including those not focused on it 6 days ago.

Great to see @PTC invest in core #PLM enhancements in addition to incorporating #IoT concepts in #PTC_Windchill11 #PTC 6 days ago.

New PLM411 video on Cloud PLM, complete with SaaS-O-Matic spoof #PLM #Cloud http://https://t.co/he79sTIPjP 7 days ago.

Great #analytics briefing w/ @3dsEXALEAD - exciting progress, plans for Product in Life - #digitaltwin and #IoT data. Thanks! 15 days ago.