Advanced ManufacturingWhat is Advanced Manufacturing? (podcast)


Advanced ManufacturingManufacturing is constantly evolving, so how do you define advanced manufacturing?

In this podcast episode, Julie Fraser and James Zhang, VP Market Development, Connected Operations at PTC, share their views. It starts with what constitutes advanced manufacturing today and how that has changed. 

New technologies can play a role, but are not sufficient. How a manufacturer uses these technologies with what they already have to improve business outcomes points to whether it’s advanced. COVID and global supply chain disruptions have changed which business metrics are vital – and sometimes what plants make. So agility and resilience matter.

The conversation also touches on effective processes and employee mindsets, and how technology can impact those. For example, what’s the role of having employees feel more energized – now and in the future? Can people work together more effectively and be more empowered in these changed socially distanced environments? Julie and James think so. Yet, it might require you re-think your business and your shop floor. 

Listen to the podcast to hear ideas and examples of agility, resilience, safety, empowerment, and production innovation. Thank you to PTC for the opportunity to have this discussion.

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