Tech-Clarity Presentations

Tech-Clarity regularly speaks internationally at events and on webcasts to share insights and analysis on the value of technology and best business practices. We enjoy engaging discussions with people that are passionate about improving business performance through software technology.

Smart Factory EventPath to a Smart Factory: Industry 4.0 (live event)

What do industry experts and your manufacturing peers have to say about Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing initiatives? Join this free live event on October 6th in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn and share your experience. Our own Jim Brown will keynote the conference. He will share his research on how manufacturers can “bounce forward” from recent disruptions

Heavy Equipment DesignFour Disciplines to Accelerate Heavy Equipment Design (webinar)

How can heavy equipment manufacturers accelerate how they quote, build, and deliver equipment to grow revenue without forfeiting profits by sacrificing quality and performance? This webinar shares four disciplines that equipment producers can adopt to implement a world-class design process based on a comprehensive digital twin and digital continuity. Register for this live webinar sponsored

CPG PLMThe Expanding Role of PLM in CPG (webinar)

What does the future of PLM look like in the CPG industry? Watch this webcast to gain insights into the value of PLM, its importance to broader supply chain and digital thread processes, and its ability to help CPG companies innovate smarter and faster than ever before.  Jim shares the findings from his survey on

Gaming EnginesGame Engines and Digital Twins. Let’s Play (webinar)

How do digital twins improve the way companies design, engineer, and operate today’s products and buildings? Register for this webinar as Jim Brown hosts a panel of experts to discuss how gaming engines can be applied to improve the business value of digital twins. The speakers will discuss: How companies use digital twins to improve

PLM-MESThe PLM – MES Gap and Why Bridging it is Urgent Now (webcast)

How do you bridge the gulf between product engineering and manufacturing? In the product lifecycle, manufacturing sits at the center. Rapid product and process improvement, lower cost of quality, and business innovation rest on engineering and manufacturing working together effectively. Yet often they don’t or can’t. Tech-Clarity research shows that MES and PLM are the

Enhancing Customer Experience with Your Supply Chain Strategy (webcast)

  Customer expectations for rapid, complete shipments are rising constantly. How can a business set supply chain strategy to meet current and future needs? Listen to this webcast from July 19, 2022  where Julie Fraser explores this with Kenny William of Parts Town and Victoria Brown of Körber Supply Chain. Both have deep experience in