Kostenloser Bericht zu Best Practices für Fabrikplaner und-gestalter, wenn Sie jetzt an der Umfrage teilnehmen

Tech-Clarity untersucht im Rahmen einer Studie, wie führende Fertigungsunternehmen Veränderungen an ihren Produktionsanlagen handhaben. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Interesse und die Teilnahme an der Befragung. Wenn Sie die Fragen bereits beantwortet haben   –> bitte geben Sie den Fragebogen an Kollegen weiter. Nutzen Sie dazu die Optionen oben zum Teilen und Speichern. Wenn Sie

Welcome to the New Tech-Clarity Website

Hello and welcome to the new Tech-Clarity website! Please feel free to browse our research, view past and future events, watch our “Tech-Clarity TV” videos, and share in the discussion on our Clarity on PLM blog. We look forward to sharing our new site with you. We are currently transferring our prior research and recorded

Product Lifecycle Management Proving Value at Heinz

Product Lifecycle Management Proving Value at Heinz: A PLM Case Study from the Consumer Goods Industry – Food and Beverage reviews the strategic value achieved by Heinz from implementing Product Lifecycle Management processed and software in their global business. Please enjoy the free Executive Summary below, or click the report title above to download the

Supply Chain Decisions – Make Sure You Understand the Dollars and Sense overviews an approach to incorporate detailed, activity-based costs into supply chain decision making and optimization. This article was originally published on Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). Click the report title above to download the full PDF (free of charge, no registration required). Topics 1.


Webcasts: Learn what Social Business Collaboration and Advanced Product Portfolio Management Have in Common

A quick peek into some research on Social Business Collaboration and Advanced PPM. What do these two very  interesting topics have in common? Live webcasts featuring Jim Brown of Tech-Clarity next week, Thursday and Friday February 16-17. OK, I admit it was a cheap trick, but I hope it convinces you to learn about one

Social Innovation Crystal Ball Predictions for 2012

A quick peek into some research on the use of social computing for product innovation and product development and some insight into what to expect in 2012. I teamed up with innovation consulting firm Kalypso last year to survey companies using (or planning to use) social media or other “web 2.0” techniques to improve innovation.