Selecting a Solution for IoT Remote Monitoring (webcast)


IoT Remote MonitoringWhat should manufacturers look for in a solution to digitalize and transform service through IoT remote monitoring? What can they do to change the relationship they have with their products and customers to increase business value for themselves and those using their products?

Join this interactive webcast, How to Select the Right Digital Transformation Solution, to hear Tech-Clarity’s Jim Brown and PTC’s Jon Kadane discuss IoT remote monitoring goals, value, and adoption requirements. Jim will discuss perspectives from his recent Service Transformation by Monitoring Customer Equipment eBook and Jon will share related experience working with customers.

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Service transformation is the new frontier of innovation. Industrial machine builders create equipment that includes multiple digital computers and controllers. These complex machines are high-value, capital equipment requiring high uptime and continuous availability. To stay competitive users cannot afford downtime and expensive outage.

During this 30-minute webcast Jim Brown, President Tech-Clarity and PTC discuss digital transformation. In the discussion, they review how to develop a solid IoT strategy compared to building an in-house solution. Moreover the discussion focuses on how to monitor customer equipment to increase customer value, drive greater efficiency, and improve profitability.

This discussion is a must for any manufacturer looking to make an informed decision about implementing an IoT solution to transform their business.