Interview on Social Networking in PLM – COFES 2010

Interview on Social Networking and PLM – Jim Brown interviewed at COFES by Nik Pavasa of Siemens PLM, primarily focusing on the use of social computing and social software in product development. Please view the recorded interview on the Siemens PLM blog, no registration required.    

Going Social with Product Development

A quick peek into some research on … how manufacturers are taking advantage of social computing and “Web 2.0” technologies to raise the bar on product development performance in my new report Tech-Clarity Insight: Going Social with Product Development: Improving Product Development Performance with Social Computing. The paper discusses the intersection of social computing and new product development (NPD) processes and tools. I have posted frequently about the intersection of social computing and PLM and product innovation, and this research provides some examples on how these strategies are starting to play out for manufacturers like Microsoft (think PC hardware and game consoles, not Windows) and Pitney Bowes.

Idea Management as a Software Ecosystem

What I learned this week … came from some research I have been doing for a client. As a part of it, I have been spending a little more time getting to know the “Idea Management” software space. The conclusion that I am drawing is that while there are some mature software solutions to manage ideas, there are also a host of other specialty solutions that help generate the idea in the first place, analyze the idea, or further develop it.