Tech-Clarity TV – Using 3D Virtual Reality for Training in Industry


This episode of Tech-Clarity TV focuses on how industrial companies leverage 3D Virtual Reality and their own 3D digital assets to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and risk profile of training in industrial settings. The video includes information from a recent research report that shares insights and examples of how VR technology can be applied to improve learning in industry. Today’s gaming engines (and the huge investment made by early defense initiatives and then surpassed by the gaming industry itself), today’s 3D CAD models, and readily available, commodity hardware are all ready and waiting for companies to take advantage of them.

TC TV 3D Virtual Training 2013-06 - YouTube

Watch the 3D Virtual Training video on the Tech-Clarity YouTube channel.

For more detailed information and a recap of some of the science behind 3D Virtual Training, read the report, Issue in Focus: 3D Virtual Training in the Industrial Environment: Combining Learning Science and VR Technology to Add Value and Reduce Risk.