What the Heck is Going on in the Engineering Software Market!?

Taking a look around at the engineering software market there are a few things that are clear and a lot of unanswered questions. One clear fact is that 2010 was a lot better than 2009 for most manufacturers and the engineering software vendors that serve them. From early indications, 2011 is looking even better. But

Reflections on Dassault Systemes Business, Strategy, and Progress at DSCC

I had the chance to talk with … the execs at Dassault Systemes at their recent customer event, DSCC. DS carved out time for analysts and press to share some deeper perspective on their business, their strategy, and their progress this year. DS had a lot to day, starting with sharing some very good financial

Kalypso PLM Braintrust grows with Metafore Acquisition

I had the chance to talk with … Kalypso’s managing partner Bill Poston and new Kalypso partner Andreas Lindenthal about the recent merger of their companies. PLM implementation experts are in high demand, with most many “big name” consulting firms carrying small teams. In this case, two smaller specialists in product innovation and PLM are coming together to make an even stronger team.

Product Portfolio Management in a PLM Strategy

Issue in Focus: Product Portfolio Management in a PLM Strategy – Closing the Loop on Product Planning explores how engineering-centric businesses can take a more closed-loop approach between Product Portfolio Management (PPM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to extend the value of PPM. Discusses the benefits of closing the loop between theoretical plans and actual

You CAD! Strategic Considerations for Multi-CAD versus Standardization

A quick peek into some more research on standardizing CAD solutions, starting with a strategy to determine if you should standardize in the first place. Tech-Clarity Issue in Focus: CAD Standardization Strategies discusses considerations for operating in a multi-CAD environment versus standardizing on a single solution.